23 Things for Research – Things 4 and 5

In this post I work through 23 Things 4 and 5.

Thing 4 was to register my blog with the 23 Things team, which I did when I originally signed up to the programme. So, tick for me!

Thing 5: explore other blogs and and get to know some of the participants. The first thing I was interested in when I looked at the list of blogs registered with 23 Things was the range and originality of the blog names. Particularly ‘Pinch me – I’m actually doing a PhD’, ‘The view from five foot two’, and ‘too long for a tweet’. I had huge trouble trying to think of something catchy for my blog name, which wasn’t already taken or similar to somebody else’s. I looked at other people’s blog names for inspiration but then all I could think about was how good a name they had and couldn’t get it out of my head.

Also noticeable was the range of people doing 23 Things and their occupation. There are PhD students, library graduate trainees, and administrators. Also noticeable is how long people have had their blogs for. There are some who have obviously been blogging for some time and have their tone and format sorted. There are others who have created a blog for the first time and are figuring out how it works. I think I fall somewhere in between these two. This isn’t my first blog so I have some experience but neither am I a hard core blogger with hundreds of posts. Also interesting is how the name and background image to your blog can both create a first impression and set the tone for whether the blog is formal/informal, professional/personal.

To keep up with blogs I am interested in, I use feedly. This is a place where you can save URLs of blogs you are interested in so you only have to look in once place for new posts, rather than check each individual blog for updates. I have to admit, though, that the lists of blogs I have on feedly are ones that I transferred over from Google Reader when that disappeared and has not been culled or added to for some time. Nor do I check it very often. Something I must sort out. Perhaps I should add some of the 23 Things participants to my feedly profile and use that as an excuse to sort it out.