23 Things for Research – Thing 21 2013: Using Doodle and other online scheduling tools

Thing 21 moves into the world of using social media to organise and schedule.

I like to think I’m an organised person, even more so when I’m ridiculously busy with little time on my hands. That is when I am my most organised and productive. I have used both Meet-O-Matic and Doodle to organise meeting up with a large group of friends and they have proved very useful. The notion of gathering a poll of days/times people are available is a simple notion and this is reflected in the appearance and usability of Meet-O-Matic and Doodle. There are no fancy frills. Everything is easy to understand and functional. I think Doodle looks more attractive than Meet-O-Matic but I think that’s just because it has a more modern, clean-looking interface.

These scheduling tools are a quick way for people to show their availability and the results of the poll are clearly displayed for you to see the best day/time to meet up. There’s also the opportunity to link up your calendar, whether Outlook or Google Calendar, to Meet-O-Matic/Doodle. I have not used these scheduling tools in the workplace because I have never really had to organise a meeting but I would happily use them again socially and for work. Indeed, they have been praised by my friends for making the difficult task of finding the best day to meet up easier.

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