23 Things for Research – Thing 16: Sharing Research Online

I have given a fair few presentations in my time but rarely in the workplace. I have often given presentations at university as part of a course, preparing us for the working world but only once in the workplace have I actually had to give a presentation.

I used to be terrified of standing up in front of people to give a presentation but after practicing lots for assessments, I am now only mildly horrified by the idea. So mildly, I have volunteered to partake in user education in the library next term.

I have always used PowerPoint for presentations and tried very hard to stick to the rules of how to create a good PowerPoint presentation. I first heard of Prezi a few years ago and had a fiddle to see what it was like. It was clean, clear, smooth, and slick and I was quite taken by it. I once tried to encourage some fellow students of mine to use Prezi when we were giving a joint presentation for an assessment but they were having none of it, sadly, and I have not had a chance to do a presentation using it since. What I have used Prezi for is revision. You can see here a presentation I created called Working with Information (I did try embedding it into this post but there was something majorly wrong with Prezi and it would not let me do it). I had an exam for my MSC in Information and Library Management on all things IT, the background workings of something I use every day. This subject matter didn’t come easily to me so I had to revise very hard for the exam.

I ended up creating A3 pages of colourful handwritten notes and diagrams to help me remember everything. This Prezi presentation is a representation of all the A3 pages put together into the mindmap I had in my head. It was not supposed to be used or seen by anyone else. It was purely as a way for me to represent my ideas. That is why it makes little sense and does not look all that great. I’m quite concerned at how much I have already forgotten from that course. I should look through my lecture notes to remind myself.

Getting back to Prezi, I found it very easy to use, very intuitive, and an excellent alternative to PowerPoint to play with. It would be nice if I had some presentations to create where I could use real-life content to experiment with.

I decided to use Slideshare to upload my presentation for the purposes of this ‘Thing’. Signing up was easy but uploading my Prezi presentation was not allowed. It turns out they don’t support Prezi. It seems that, as fun as Prezi is, you can’t distribute it via these websites for others to see. You have to stick to giving them a direct link to your presentation on the Prezi website.

In terms of how these presentation-sharing websites could help me, I imagine it would be useful for me if I ever gave presentations in the library for students. They could look back at the presentation and others could learn from the information too. If I ever gave a talk at conference, it would also be helpful to upload the presentation to one of these websites and people would continue to get use from it.

At the moment, I do not have any presentations to give but in the future I will be able to consider sharing my presentations on the internet for others to see.

2 thoughts on “23 Things for Research – Thing 16: Sharing Research Online

  1. I’d never thought of using Prezi as a mindmapping tool- it looks so much slicker than the mindmapping software I’ve used before! Thanks for sharing your presentation 🙂

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