23 Things for Research – Thing 8: RSS Feeds

Although I am familiar with RSS feeds, they’re not a social media tool I engaged with to the extent I did with others. I used to have a Google Reader account, set up when  I first did 23 Things, which I used quite regularly. I mostly subscribed to blogs of professional interest and a few personal interests too (OED Word of the Day, anyone?). I found Google Reader easy to use and easy on the eye. I stopped checking for updates once Google Reader disappeared, however. I’m not really sure why. I set up and transferred everything across to a Feedly account but I guess that the unfamiliarity dissuaded me from having the motivation to keep up-to-date.

I did find checking the RSS feeds a little tiresome. Checking that every day along with Twitter was getting time consuming and the blogs rarely had anything of interest. Having just logged into my Feedly account for the first time in ages, I have 69 new posts to look at. A lot of them look like Met Office warnings, actually, so I can click ‘mark as read’ on those.

I made a rather rash decision about half an hour ago not to give my Feedly account a spring clean but here I am, half an hour later having deleted lots of blogs that are either no longer active or no longer of interest to me. I have added a number of wonderful blogs that are current and will, hopefully, inspire me to check more often. Why did I change my mind? Since starting 23 Things for Research, I use all of the social media tools mentioned so far. It seemed silly to dismiss RSS Feeds because I hadn’t really taken to Feedly since Google Reader disappeared. And having just started CILIP Chartership, other librarians’ blogs seem like a valuable resource for me to use.

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