New job

Wow. It’s nearly three months since I wrote my first blog post, which is shameful. Soon after I set up this blog, filled in the ‘about’ section, and wrote my first post to introduce myself, I got a new job. My blog quickly became out of date and I have since been very busy settling into my new role.

I am now an Assistant Librarian, responsible for the periodicals collection at Nuffield College Library. It’s great to have been able to move a step up the career ladder. I can continue cataloguing in my new post, which means I can keep those new RDA skills up-to-date, but looking after an entire collection myself means the role is very varied and I have had a lot of new things to learn. I deal with ordering and cancelling of journals, binding, invoicing, claiming missing issues, weeding, and liaising with suppliers. And that is as well as familiarising myself with the library, its collection, readers, and procedures.

I feel like I am settled at the library now, although I am still learning and will continue to do so for a while, which is why I have finally sat down and written a new blog post. In a similar vein, I have been thinking that I should start the CILIP Chartership process. It has been one year since I submitted my dissertation for library school and I have since been enjoying having evenings and weekends to myself again. But that means I’ve been relaxing for one whole year. How much longer can I delay Chartership? I don’t believe I’m the only person who feels it is difficult to summon the energy to complete Chartership, especially as reports from people who have been through the process don’t t talk of it favourably.  Perhaps some more positive reports would help encourage me to send off the form.

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